Comes complete with everything for a day to day remove and installation.  For Installation Instruction Click Here. Items required for installation but not supplied: Tape measure, a ladder, and optional stud finder to locate ceiling joists. (Stud finders are available for under $20.00 at any hardware store and a skilled handyman can locate joists without a stud finder)
Pole Dancing Lessons in your kit: If you can’t find these classes locally, then online lessons are available. Be sure to choose lessons that are appropriate for you. There are different kinds of lessons, some are exotic, some use heels, some don’t use heel, some are for fitness only, some are for preparing for a competition and others are for everyday women. Depending on your individual reasons for pole dancing, you will need to choose the right lessons for you. You can always buy several different kinds of lessons and see what you like best. There are different teaching styles and everyone learns differently, whatever you choose, learn to dance at home safely. Here are some good fitness oriented lessons for everyday woman to get a pole dancing workout included in your pole kit >>
Yana is an avid dance enthusiast. She has enjoyed diverse forms of dance and fitness throughout her life such as Gymnastics, CrossFit, Salsa, Rock Climbing, and Fire Poi Dancing, but Pole Dancing is her absolute favorite. She was always into creating memorable experiences for people. Yana managed her first teens’ dance school in high school and choreographed many dance routines for the school events. She planned and hosted many events such as kids birthday parties, dance parties, open houses, weddings. She is now actively pursuing circus art constantly working on improving her flexibility. Yana’s main focus is to provide a unique environment where each student can forget they are working out, and instead fall in love with pole fitness.
This course prepares you to teach Intermediate and higher Pole Moves. As well as in depth analysis of Intermediate to Advanced pole Moves, learn when students are ready to Invert, the Spotting Techniques essential for safe inversions and how to adjust your Warm Up and Cool Downs for higher pole levels. Equip yourself with the additional Health and Safety precautions essential for Teaching Pole at a higher level.
If you are looking to get started pole dancing for fitness at home, buying this pole as a gift for a friend, or possibly opening a studio to offer pole dancing classes, this dance pole has been used extensively under all those conditions and you won’t be disappointed!   This kit contains everything you need to get started at home including online pole dancing lessons, grip gloves and of course a great warranty!
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Our Instructor Training Package is tailored for each individual student. It is an individual training. Packages are unique because they address a particular person's needs and level of pole technique. Basic Program covers Basic Pole and Level 1 Beginner. Transitional Program covers Level 2 Advance Beginner and Transitional Level 2/3. Intermediate Program covers Level 3 Intermediate. Advance Program covers Level 4 Advance. In any of the 3 Programs the following material will be covered: 5 hours of private pole classes, 4 hours of open pole practice time, overview of pole moves for a respective level, common situations in class, pole anatomy, instructor code of ethics, questions and answers portion, safety and well-being of students, sporting techniques, stretching exercises, hygiene of the equipment and exercise area. As a part of the training a trainee will teach a real class and get a feedback from his/her instructor. A trainee will complete a final test of practice and theory. A Certificate of Completion from SoBe Pole Dance Studio and printouts of the material will be provided.
You don’t, however, need to be perfect. Being a teacher is not the same as striving for a gold medal or first prize. Teachers often require different traits to performers, which is why many famous performers often run one-off workshops to focus on one particular thing as opposed to regular ongoing courses like you’ll find in your local pole dancing studio.

This Sunday, March 17th at 3:45pm, we are taking time to focus on the Spin Pole & all that is different, challenging and fun using the spin pole vs. a static pole. Let's talk about nausea and what to do at the moment and how to self-care before & after class. Since it's St. Patty's Day, wear GREEN! ☘☘☘ Beginner polers start with basic spins. Intermediate & Advanced Polers, prepare to invert! Pss....hopefully, your over your St. Patrick's Day festivities ;) .... | | | | #zensual #dallaspoledancing #empower #dallasfitchicks #plussize #dallaspolestudio #zensualdance ##dallasevents #dfwbride #polefitnessdallas #DallasStrong #dallasfit #dallasdance #zensualista #getzensual #planowomen #AddisonTX #LovePlano #dfwfitness #dallas_community #onthejourney #metime #DFWInfluencer #girlgang #DallasEvents #DFWPole #DallasFitness #SheisDallas #DallasMoms
The instructors in Spin City come from a variety of backgrounds, including dance, yoga, and pilates, in addition to pole fitness. They welcome experienced and newcomers alike since they offer different levels of difficulty in their courses. You’ll be up-to-date with the latest developments in the pole fitness industry when you come to their classes.
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Laura has always been a lover of dance and the aerial arts. During her childhood she was blessed to have been able to try many different subjects and disciplines of movement, but never had one true focus till later in her adult life. At age 20 she began working in yoga studios as an apprentice; exchanging hours of work weekly for classes and studio benefits. In 2010 she was first introduced to the art of pole dancing! During that ripe, introductory year she trained in hot yoga and pole dance fitness. While she loved pole and the confidence it gave her, her journey took a different turn in 2012, when she attended her first yoga teacher training at YogaWorks, NYC. Two years later she’d find herself in her advanced yoga training on the Indian beaches of Goa.  In 2016 she auditioned for an opportunity that would completely change her life, the Body & Pole Work Study Program. During her time there she dove into her studies, training in pole, lyra, silks, hammock, & flexibility. She trained in 3 elevated Education programs; pole (lvl 1 & 2) & flexibility - granting her deeper understanding of the mechanics of active flexibility, and the methods of teaching pole. In 2017 Laura began performing as a resident gogo dancer and performing artist at the House of Yes in Brooklyn, NY. Since leaving the city of her birth, she now teaches and trains in South Florida and returns to NYC periodically to train and perform. Laura has been teaching movement and mindfulness for over 6 years. Her playfulness and kind heart guide her and her students to greater levels of understanding their practice and themselves. She looks forward to training for her first competitions in the 2019 season. Come take class with her today!
It takes more than just good manners and excellent dancing skills to become an effective pole dance instructor. You may be able to explain and demonstrate certain tricks but being able to coach students to do more than just copy your movements takes time and experience to be good at. Similar to performers, pole dance instructors have to go through a constant learning journey before they become efficient in teaching others.
Danna, and this product, are simply amazing. I have performed, taught, and enjoyed many forms of dancing and played around with pole dancing in the past. After a lot of research, I decided to get back into it with this pole and I cannot express what a perfect decision that was! This pole is sturdy and well made, the videos Danna provides are perfect for those totally new to dancing and still useful for veterans, and the customer service is absolutely without compare. I honestly cannot express how impressed I am with this company, product, and customer service – I am a customer for life!
When I first received the pole, the dome came with some scratches and I messaged Dana and immediately there was a reply and she was kind enough to send a replacement dome right away. I was blown away by the amazing customer service! Overall, the pole is exactly what I was looking for, it’s very stable and the grip is great, I’ll definitely be recommending this to all of my pole friends & students and plan to order more in the future!

In these lessons you will learn basic pole moves, spins, trick as well as dance stretches, toning exercises and pole dance routines. The pole dance routines are broken down into individual easy to follow lessons!  While these dance poles are also known as “Stripper Poles”, the lessons are NOT stripper lessons.  These lessons are for fitness reasons which include professional dance instruction with the foundation of ballet. While some of the movement are taught feminine and sexy, you will not be learning to strip.  (an example of one of the online pole dancing lessons is shown below)