Putting aside competitions, shows and contests for a moment, pole dancing lessons are very non-judgemental, welcoming places to be. Students feel like they can be themselves within a pole dancing environment, even if they usually find it difficult to do so. There’s very little bitchiness or the feeling of being stared at like you’d get at a regular gym. That’s what makes the pole dancing industry a forward-thinking movement to be part of, the grassroots of it, so to speak; the small dance studios who run classes for people who just want some confidence.
Grip Gloves & Other Wearable Gear In Your Kit: Tacky grip gloves are a great addition to a beginner home pole dancing kit because many beginners lack the upper body strength to do a full pole dancing routine.  It takes time to develop the strength in your hands to do so.   Grip gloves can help you pole dance longer, enabling your to get a longer calorie burning workout while you are waiting for the muscles in your hands to get stronger for more advanced pole dancing tricks.
Pole Dancing Lessons in your kit: If you can’t find these classes locally, then online lessons are available. Be sure to choose lessons that are appropriate for you. There are different kinds of lessons, some are exotic, some use heels, some don’t use heel, some are for fitness only, some are for preparing for a competition and others are for everyday women. Depending on your individual reasons for pole dancing, you will need to choose the right lessons for you. You can always buy several different kinds of lessons and see what you like best. There are different teaching styles and everyone learns differently, whatever you choose, learn to dance at home safely. Here are some good fitness oriented lessons for everyday woman to get a pole dancing workout included in your pole kit >>
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I love it! This pole is super fun and sturdy and safe! It was simple to set up and easy to use in conjunction with the awesome free video tutorials 🙂 and the best part is being able to reach someone for help whenever you need it or have a question. I have gotten quick responses and loved the whole experience and the products are VERY high quality. I won’t buy anywhere else!
For my big girls, please know that I am 5’7″ and 222lbs (229) a few weeks ago. It is so secure. I followed Danna’s video to install. I installed it with the help of my guy. We rent and no risk to the security deposit -because we followed the guidelines and it’s secure on joists! I am so so pleased. I can do very basic spins… it’s nothing fancy but girls… it’s liberating and aweome. I never thought I’d love me so much at 32 years and a mom of 3.. I researched for a long time. Danna’s service is awesome. Thank you girl!

Welcome to Confessions of  Pole Dance Instructor! This is a series of blog posts where Pole Dance Instructors (like myself) share our stories. But, this isn’t the usual type of post in the ‘Confessions’ series as it features none of the usual embarrassing stores or tales of woe! This is a guide for aspiring Pole Fitness Instructors to get the information they need to persue their career. 

I’m a pole dancing instructor from Cardiff and I’ve been on the hunt for a pole to put up in my own home for about a year now. I was initially going to purchase an Xpole but was put off by a cost, I’m so glad I came across this website because the “Chrome Pro Quality Dancing Pole” is absolutely fantastic. I honestly cannot believe how cheap it is especially for such a high quality pole.
We offer accredited, Online Pole Dance Fitness Instructor course. This is a self-study online course that provides basic knowledge of Pole Dance for fun and fitness. Course content is presented according to the “Intermediate” category of Pole Dance spins and moves recorded in the Pole Position Book, and focuses on the mechanics and movement of the body when inverted with a vertical dance pole. The course contains multiple exercises, quizzes and tests to reinforce learning and test knowledge of intermediate Pole Dance Fitness. Everything you need to complete the course is contained online. The course is perfect for those with a Basic Pole Dance Fitness Instructor Certification from IPDFA with emphasis on conditioning, spotting techniques, effects of force and gravity as well as intermediate training techniques to further your career in the Pole Dance Fitness industry.

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Hi! I’ve been searching for Pole kit and there is so many out there to choose from, It make it hard for me to choose which one is the right one for me! I’m 5’3 tall, my weight is 210 something around there, under 220! Is there any pole you recommend me?. I saw some reviews on YouTube about this website and I heard good stuff about these poles,but what I did not heard was about the weight these poles can actually take sense all the ladies that made the review video were skinny and good body shape.