As soon as something becomes work – ie. a necessity – then the fun kinda gets sucked from it. If you love pole dancing and you want to do it every day – great! But, what about those days when you just ain’t feeling it? It’s easy to cancel your space at a class if you’re not in the mood, but you can’t cancel if you’ve got a bunch of beginners who have paid $20 for you to teach them.

These tacky gloves by are specifically designed for use when pole dancing for maximum grip while preventing blisters and calluses.  They can be used for yoga, weight lifting, crossfit or other fitness gym activities where you need a good grip on metal surfaces and extra hand protection.   These gloves are great for novice to expert pole fitness levels.

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This Sunday, March 17th at 3:45pm, we are taking time to focus on the Spin Pole & all that is different, challenging and fun using the spin pole vs. a static pole. Let's talk about nausea and what to do at the moment and how to self-care before & after class. Since it's St. Patty's Day, wear GREEN! ☘☘☘ Beginner polers start with basic spins. Intermediate & Advanced Polers, prepare to invert! Pss....hopefully, your over your St. Patrick's Day festivities ;) .... | | | | #zensual #dallaspoledancing #empower #dallasfitchicks #plussize #dallaspolestudio #zensualdance ##dallasevents #dfwbride #polefitnessdallas #DallasStrong #dallasfit #dallasdance #zensualista #getzensual #planowomen #AddisonTX #LovePlano #dfwfitness #dallas_community #onthejourney #metime #DFWInfluencer #girlgang #DallasEvents #DFWPole #DallasFitness #SheisDallas #DallasMoms

We offer accredited , Online Pole Dance Fitness Instructor courses. Our ‘Become an Instructor’ course is a self-study online course that provides basic knowledge of Pole Dance for fun and fitness. Course content is presented according to the “Basic” category of Pole Dance spins and moves recorded in the Pole Position Book, and focuses on the mechanics and movement of the body with a vertical dance pole. The course contains multiple exercises, quizzes and tests to reinforce learning and test knowledge of basic Pole Dance Fitness. Everything you need to complete the course is contained online. The course is perfect for experienced pole dancers or current instructors who want to learn Basic Pole Dance Fitness with emphasis on session planning, management, exercise and fitness as well as health and safety knowledge to pursue a qualification and career in the Pole Dance Fitness industry.

Danna, and this product, are simply amazing. I have performed, taught, and enjoyed many forms of dancing and played around with pole dancing in the past. After a lot of research, I decided to get back into it with this pole and I cannot express what a perfect decision that was! This pole is sturdy and well made, the videos Danna provides are perfect for those totally new to dancing and still useful for veterans, and the customer service is absolutely without compare. I honestly cannot express how impressed I am with this company, product, and customer service – I am a customer for life!

A fiercely confident pole instructor is showing the world that there is no size requirement for sex appeal. Ro’Yale - also known as Da Queen of Curves - started pole dancing after a temporary separation from her husband left her questioning who she really was. After just a few lessons, she knew she had found a lifelong passion and suggested that her studio - Vertical Joes - start offering pole dancing classes for plus size women, but she never expected them to offer the position to her.
I don’t think you can find a professional grade pole set of 12 or more for $700 though. The cheapest dance pole I have seen is a knock-off brand of the Carmen Electra Pole that has plastic parts on Ebay for about $50 – that pole is not suitable to spin or invert on, even though they say it can hold 200lbs – they are dangerous. Good poles that are good quality and are built to last cost a bit more money to manufacture. We do offer a bulk discount and in your case since you are buying more than ten poles that discount would be 15% off the total for the affordable no brand pole – shipping is still FREE in the USA.