While every single one of these costumes have "child" in the description, you'll see teenagers modeling a few of them. That's not some kind of mistake on their part, as there are subcategories of pre-teen and teen costumes with age-appropriate models in them. We would think that maybe seeing a 5- to 7-year-old in some of these would be too much for the consumer, but then you see costumes like this:

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I’ve always been in love with watching the grace and strength of pole dancing since I was a teenager and finally decided to try it for myself. I did countless hours of research on poles before buying this one and I’m glad I did! This pole is amazing! This pole combined with the Home Pole Dancing Lessons for Everyday Women videos, I’m already see progress in my arm and leg strength! Thank you Danna!
If you are looking to get started pole dancing for fitness at home, buying this pole as a gift for a friend, or possibly opening a studio to offer pole dancing classes, this dance pole has been used extensively under all those conditions and you won’t be disappointed!   This kit contains everything you need to get started at home including online pole dancing lessons, grip gloves and of course a great warranty!
This pole is awesome! Assembly is very straightforward with the video provided and when I ran into a small problem, my email was answered and problem solved within minutes. Amazing customer service. I am a plus size dancer and have used several different poles in studios. This pole is just as good and much more economical. I installed it on carpet and it works great with no damage to ceiling. I invert and do all the spins with confidence this pole hold my weight! The free videos are great for home poling as well! Thank you!
Rafaela Montanaro,is known world wide for her amazing performances that balance strength, flexibility and artistic diversity, performing different characters and dance styles from classical ballet to rock ‘n roll. She is the most recognized Brazilian Pole Dancer, teaching and performing all around the world. Rafaela performs Pole Dance, Handbalancing, Dance shows and Aerial Dance. She began her pole carrier in 2009, and won the National And South American Competition only 5 months after starting.The following year she started teaching and intensified her training methods, that led her to 3 titles at the biggest competitions in the world: Pole Tricks and Third Place at Miss Pole Dance World 2010, in Switzerland and Pole Fit Champion at International Pole Championship 2010 in Japan. In 2011 Rafaela won the national division at the Pole World Cup, and got Second Place at the International division.
Liquid of Cream Grip Aids in your kit: You can find grip aids included in the home pole dancing kit, but be a little cautious and do your homework before settling on the grip aid included in your pole kit.  The type of grip aid you choose depends on your environment and skin type. There isn’t a “one size fits all” option.   It’s important to try a few different types of grip aid until you find the perfect fit for you. The good news is that grip aid is cheap, usually under $10, so you can add it to your home pole dancing kit very easily. Here is a great article that will help you choose a grip aid for your skin type >>
Hi! I’ve been searching for Pole kit and there is so many out there to choose from, It make it hard for me to choose which one is the right one for me! I’m 5’3 tall, my weight is 210 something around there, under 220! Is there any pole you recommend me?. I saw some reviews on YouTube about this website and I heard good stuff about these poles,but what I did not heard was about the weight these poles can actually take sense all the ladies that made the review video were skinny and good body shape.