Pole Dancing Lessons in your kit: If you can’t find these classes locally, then online lessons are available. Be sure to choose lessons that are appropriate for you. There are different kinds of lessons, some are exotic, some use heels, some don’t use heel, some are for fitness only, some are for preparing for a competition and others are for everyday women. Depending on your individual reasons for pole dancing, you will need to choose the right lessons for you. You can always buy several different kinds of lessons and see what you like best. There are different teaching styles and everyone learns differently, whatever you choose, learn to dance at home safely. Here are some good fitness oriented lessons for everyday woman to get a pole dancing workout included in your pole kit >>
Hi! I’ve been searching for Pole kit and there is so many out there to choose from, It make it hard for me to choose which one is the right one for me! I’m 5’3 tall, my weight is 210 something around there, under 220! Is there any pole you recommend me?. I saw some reviews on YouTube about this website and I heard good stuff about these poles,but what I did not heard was about the weight these poles can actually take sense all the ladies that made the review video were skinny and good body shape.
WOW this pole is the bomb.com!!! I was a little skeptical at first about purchasing the no brand pole because, I only heard people talk about the xpole products. However, I decided to give the no brand pole a try and my gosh this pole exceeds my expectation! It was very easy to install and it’s very sturdy. I feel very confident when practicing the moves. I am new to pole dancing and I must say that the beginners lessons are very helpful! If you can’t afford a xpole.. the no brand pole will NOT disappoint you with it’s quality! Thank you Danna! :-)

Me and my friend were testing the pole out and it moved. The grip feature caught it so there was no accident. We tightened it down more and now it’s beyond sturdy. I had a house party and two guys jumped on it at the same time! They were both spinning around and one was upside down. This pole is secure and amazing! I researched a lot before buying my first pole and I’m glad that this is the one I chose. A very smart purchase and easy to install.
Because of this pole, I got my happiness back! I’ve been a dancer (ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, lyrical) for 20 years. After college, I lost all opportunities to continue with dance and just went through life without doing anything that made me TRULY happy. My husband and I like to go to clubs and after watching these girls dance I thought “I want to learn this form of dance but I don’t want to be a stripper.” (not that there is anything wrong with being a stripper, I just don’t have the mentality for it:) ) I did A LOT of research and found this pole. My husband bought it for me and installed it with a friend. It is AMAZING and my stress reliever. It works on carpet and it is really sturdy. I had a male friend test it multiple times and I can climb to the top and do tricks without it being wobbly. I am always working to be a better dancer and it has brought back my happiness! Thank you Danna, for your fabulous videos and for being a great teacher! It is a great exercise for my body and mind, plus my husband doesn’t mind watching me learn new tricks 😉
You cannot install the pole to a drop ceiling but you can remove one of the ceiling tiles in the ceiling and run the pole up through to the ceiling above. You would need to remove a ceiling tile to see what kind of roof structure is up in there and hopefully install the pole to a secure location above the drop ceiling. Remember to consult a qualified carpenter if you are not sure. Safety is important. 🙂